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Date: January 14, 2018

Guest: Chris Young, CEO, McAfee

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Topic: The future of virus protection and security

Date: January 14, 2018

Guest: Dr. Samuel Waxman, Founder and CEO, Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation

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Topic: The unique partnership linking aging and cancer research

  • The CEO Show is first rate. We give it our highest marks for its candid and compelling content and humanistic interview style.

    Tim and Nina Zagat
    Tim and Nina Zagat Co-Founders, Co-Chairs, Zagat Survey
  • "The CEO Show is the only show of its type in America. As a guest and avid listener, the content is riveting - in fact profound."

    Ira Neimark
    Ira Neimark 17 year former CEO Bergdorf Goodman
  • "The CEO Show is sensational. It’s completely different because Reiss captures the human side of both the CEO and the company. Reiss is a fantastic person."

    Kip Tindell
    Kip Tindell CEO & Chariman The Container Store

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The CEO Show radio show was launched on April 13, 2007. Our flagship station was Greenwich Connecticut local radio station WGCH 1490AM, and our first guest was David Neeleman, Founding CEO, JetBlue.

Today the radio program is nationally syndicated on over 25 AM radio stations throughout America, with over 600,000 listeners a week. The show is 1 hour and features two 19-minute interviews.