I was sitting with Daniel Lubetsky, the founder and CEO of KIND Healthy snacks — one of the only health bars where everyone I know says, “I just love Kind bars. He shared a story that to me clarifies what corporate value really mean. Daniel told me about his father, “Robert, he was a holocaust survivor in a concentration camp at Dachau. My dad told me about a German soldier who threw a potato at his feet and both the nourishment of the potato gave him strength but also the belief in humankind from the other side. I think that gave my dad the endurance to keep going.”

Daniel continued and explained how he built KIND healthy Snacks to carry on that mission started by a German soldier, “With KIND what we are trying to do is inspire kindness amongst strangers, encourage them to get outside their comfort zone.” Daniel them told me with a smile of pride that KIND has actually inspired over a million acts of kindness.

Now certainly Kind bars at least to me are the best tasting healthy snack anywhere — the blueberry are my favorites. But at the core of this great product is a higher purpose to bring kindness to the world, as a tribute to Daniel’s father. And that is what great corproate values are all about. Now obviously most people will not have as dramatic story;, but, a great value system of any company should start with a genuine story and a passion to carry on an authentic, and important message throughout the world.