Last week David and I were talking about how to build a great culture. He said, “Robert one word … recognition”. As background, he was the 17-year CEO of Yum! Brands and actually founding CEO where he had 1.4 million associates through brands like KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell. David has a unique perspective on managing and elevating large scale global cultures through recognition. More recently he wrote a riveting book, O Great One, which is a business fable about the specifics of building recognition. And he recently started a company oGoLead, where he has many resources — including webinars and videos with top CEOs — to help elevate leaders so they know how to build cultures of recognition. Here is a practice David told me about which visually shows everyone the importance of recognition. He has photos of people receiving recognition in his office and it takes up all of the walls; when he ran out of wall space he filed up the ceilings! And here is a quote David told me on Thursday which clarifies the simple elegance of recognition, “Don’t just celebrate the touchdowns, celebrate the first downs!”