To me Bernie Marcus is so much more than a great businessman, he is a true humanitarian of our times. A little known fact is that he actually could have been the richest man in the world, except he decided instead of keeping the stock to give it to his team members. He once told he how proud he was that Home Depot had helped produce 4,000 millionaires, most of whom didn’t go to college but were wonderful associates. But through all my conversations with Bernie, the one thought that I remember several times every month is when he told me, “Robert, if someone comes to your house to help as a contractor and you don’t offer him water or coffee, what kind of person are you? Everyone deserves dignity and respect.” To this day, wherever I frequently remember Bernie Marcus and his ubiquitous wisdom. Just think of the power in elevating your organization as CEO by setting the standard where everyone receives respect and dignity … the little things become the big things.