Last week someone asked me how I balance my life. I told him about a conversation I had in 2007 with Jim Quigley who was then the CEO of Deloitte. Interestingly Jim was only my 3rd interview for the CEO Show. Now over 750 CEO interviews later, I thought back to Quigley’s advice which over a decade later seemed more relevant than ever. When I asked Jim how he balanced his life he replied, “What I have done is replace that idea of work life balance with what I think is a higher concept and that is simply having an integrated life, a life that works.” He explained how he had been at Brigham Young University the last week speaking to new potential Deloitte recruits where he brought his son to help him craft the speech to the younger audience. The integration happened, Jim explained, doing work by recruiting, family by bringing his son and spirituality by connecting with his Mormon Church through Brigham Young University.

As our world becomes increasingly more complex, I think of the word “integration” as the answer to actually have it all. think this week of how you can integrate all important areas of your life.