I recently sat down with Chris Young, CEO, McAfee, perhaps the world’s largest dedicated security technology company. I told him most CEOs often discuss cybersecurity with me, so I asked Chris his advice to CEOs … here it is verbatim, “ CEOs should view cybersecurity as a cornerstone of their business culture, and a critical factor driving their mission, vision and values. They need to adopt a security-first mentality, encouraging employees at all levels to view every business touchpoint and decision through a security lens whether they’re designing new products, writing job descriptions, implementing new technology, forging new partnerships or doing basic tasks like sharing documents and opening emails. In a culture of security CEOs lead by example to build awareness of, commitment to and concern for security so it becomes everyone’s mission and concern.”

To me a key here is ‘culture of security’. I recently heard that 41% of attacks come unwittingly from internal employees who are not aware of the sophistication. So my advice to CEOs today, is to build that culture of security starting with a security first mentality, so they can then focus on strategic business models to capture the great new opportunities of our digital world.