About a week ago I interviewed Lixin Cheng. He showed me the new Axon M, and I had never seen a smart phone like it and was fascinated. When I asked Lixin how ZTE accomplished such significant growth to become the 4th largest supplier of smartphones in the U.S., he responded with a much deeper and purposeful answer than I expected, “Growing a business is like planting a tree. Customers are the sun for your business. We believe there are three important roots and the first is innovation …  creation is part of our DNA.”
This wisdom and focus has led to the extraordinary innovation of the Axon M, which is the first mobile phone that opens up into twice the screen allowing a new level of flexibility for the user … creating a circle where the users, who are ZTE’s sunshine, increase their visibility. I shared this story because I think as CEOs look for new ways to succeed, the message is clear — know your roots and stick with them … and perhaps you too will have a breakthrough innovation.