On February 9, 2017 I interviewed Randy Levine who has been Presdient of The New York Yankees since January 2000. And while I admit I am a Mets fan, I am so impressed with the character and quality of the Yankees organization as a model of running a great enterprise and brand. When I asked Randy about his priorities he responded, “When it comes to the Yankees team, it’s much more important to provide a winning championship season to our fans and break even rather than seek a profit.”

We all remember when in the summer of 2016 the team was losing — and consider this, the Yankees have been in the playoffs 18 out of 22 years — they immediately overhauled by trading older players and getting about 12 top prospects and within just about one week of trading transformed the entire organization. And now, in addition to having many great players, they have what is like a Ruth Gherig or Mantle Maris punch of Aaron Judge and Gary Sanchez that not only looks like the core of a dynasty in the making, but amazingly the Yankees are in the front position for the wild card and delivering for their fans.

The Yankees lightning quick turnaround is a perfect example of staying true to the strategy of delivering for the fans that Randy outlined. The message to CEOs is, if you are off course to your brand, do a lightning quick turnaround, deliver for your customers and who knows you might have immediate and long lasting results.