… Last week I was moderating a panel of CEOs who spoke about transformation. Jud Linville, a panelist, had a comment which not only I thought profound, but several of the audience members who were C-Suite executives going through transformations with their enterprise came up to tell me how this one particular quote resonated strongly with them. Jud’s quote about successful transformations was, “ Don’t let perfect get in the way of good.”

As I think about this quote and my interviews with 750 CEOs, I think the quote summarizes the essence of a successful transformation. As background and perhaps a reason Jud has had some much success is that, Jud is different than most CEOs in that he has a doctorate in psychology. As for results, since joining Citi in 2010, he has led a global transformation to simplify Citi’s product offerings by over 60%, create world-class proprietary and co-brand products (such as the new Costco card that launched last year) and expand key programs – including loyalty and entertainment – into international markets. His leadership has led to substantial growth within the business (Citi is now the world’s largest credit card issuer with over 140 million accounts) and a driving force behind Citi’s earnings.

As you think about your next transformation, think about not letting perfection stop progress.