I was just speaking with Terry Jones and he summed up how we’ll know when artificial intelligence has arrived. And Terry has a distinct ability to see the future and successfully create. As founding CEO of Travelocity six years after inception they did an IPO for $1.2 billion, and then eight years after he co-founded Kayak it sold for $1.8 billion; recently he founded Wayblazer which uses artificial intelligence to reinvent travel again. So when I asked Terry, “How will we know when artificial intelligence has arrived?” he responded, “When we stop mentioning it. Remember when we used to talk about our ‘electric’ toaster, ‘electric’ refrigerator, ‘electric’ stove? But no more. AI will arrive when it disappears seamlessly into products (and that’s already happening). It will then be like the cheshire cat in “Alice in Wonderland”, the cat disappears and only the smile remains!”

As I think about this, CEOs I interview are intrigued — in fact impassioned — with the state AI. Now I, and you, now have the answer ,,,, keep looking for the cheshire cat and its smile.