Jim Collins has a special place in my heart. In 1995 reading his book Built to Last ignited in me a two decade unwavering curiosity to uncover what makes a company great. After personally reading over 1,000 business books since, Built to Last is still the most influential to me about business models. I had the privilege of recently hearing Collins speak and the story he told opened a door of thinking to how great companies sustain success, “When my wife was 55 she wanted to bike ride across America from Portland Oregon to Portland Maine. The key to her success of making a 3,000 mile ride in 40 days was that she set the hotel reservations in advance! This set the tone that every day she would have to reach her destination or fall behind.” To me a a student of business, the messages is: Great companies move forward solidly every day; having defined destinations helps drive progress.
This consistent progress reminds of a quote frequently attributed to Albert Einstein that compound interest is the most powerful force in the universe. The question is, which direction can your organization continue a daily march forward and what are your intervals of preset reward?