I’ve interviewed over 750 top CEOs and I can genuinely say Bill McDermott is a standout because of his vision, energy and ability to galvanize a team to succeed together despite any odds. I remember asking Bill about his childhood and he told me how at 17 years old he bought a deli and worked there while he went to high school and made enough money so he could go to college. Now, I have three kids — two in college and one on the way — so to me that is one inspirational story! But the real lesson learned from Bill is when he had that opportunity how at just 17 he had the vision and focus to capitalize. He told me, “ I focused on my base the blue collar workers. I could relate to them. So I gave them credit because most people were rich on Friday, and then broke by Sunday morning. The second thing was the senior citizen. They loved to have delivery service and no one else did it. so I did”.
So as you think about what your customers really want, what area of your business can you bring in the magical 17 year old type vision to see through the systemic core of what your customer base really wants.