I just interviewed Scott McNealy. As a co-founder and was one of the rare Silicon Valley CEOs who did not have a tech background, he helped navigate SunMicrosystems to become an industry leader and managed a tenure significantly longer than most CEOs — 22 years! When I asked Scott how he built the culture and strategy he told me it was all about shared leadership, and then Scott elaborated on what I found to be a unique and powerful philosophy to build leaders, ” I have found the best way to take leaders down the wisdom curve is by putting them in a new job and uncomfortable position, which I call dunking them under the water. Good leaders will find a way to succeed. With good leaders you dunk them under the water again and they become way wiser sooner. They might initially hate the dunk under water, but they look back and love the experience. They create significant business successes, while growing tremendously and quickly as true leaders.”