I recently interviewed Dan Hesse about the transformational impact “creative destruction” has had on the telecommunications industry over the past four decades. He emphasized the imperative of “continuous learning” for leaders of companies in rapidly-changing industries. Dan talked about how he would regularly take Sprint senior team members to Silicon Valley to learn from the most creative minds and companies, and how he and his senior team would spend days together at the Valley’s progressive Singularity University to learn about the latest game-changing technologies and business models.

He emphasized how the need to learn continuously never ends, and that he’s still applying this concept now that he’s moved on from being a CEO to adding value as a board member. Dan recently completed a rigorous certification course from Carnegie-Mellon University on effective cybersecurity governance. Dan told me, “every day, bad guys are trying to ‘creatively destroy’ companies by stealing information, money, or even worse, damaging valuable brands. The enemies and their techniques are getting more creative, sophisticated and dangerous. It’s a new frontier that leaders need to stay on top of.”

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