As business becomes more complex, it’s sometimes best to step back and apply the fundamentals. Bill Marriott, built from zero to over 3,800 properties, and will tell you the answer to a great business is people. He personally writes 700 handwritten letters a year. I once asked him “With 3,800  properties, it’s like having 3,800 CEOs, how do you quickly know how good your leaders are?” He told me he visits the hotels and they have a group meeting. At the meeting he watches the general manager’s eyes to see if they look down. At first I didn’t understand, then he said, “ I always look at the general manager to see if he knows his people’s names without looking at their name tag.” He explained that his leaders must know their employees well … their sports team, things about their family … So the lesson I’ve taken with me is genuinely know your people and your customers … If you want to lean more directly from Bill Marriott, he wrote a great book, “Without Reservations”.