How a pioneer of PR has stayed true to its roots for 63 years.

Kathy Bloomgarden, co-CEO of Ruder Finn, talks on the CEO Show with Robert Reiss about the how interaction with customers in the public relations industry has moved from one-way communications. Bloomgarden describes that “it’s no longer a process that doesn’t passively give information out to a receiver.” It’s a dialog!

Next in the interview, Bloomgarden and Reiss explore the accelerating impact of mobile electronics on business communications and how new technological innovations such as voice activated devices will further change our working world. Bloomgarden explains that these changes will free up the time we have available and produce changes in “where you spend your time.”

Bloomgarden also talks about things she learned as a panel moderator at the World Economic forum titled, “Weak Signals” and goes on to identify the prime elements that characterize great leaders.

Interview Aired: 09/11/2011