Leadership in global information and publishing

Nancy McKinstry, Chairman & CEO of Wolters Kluwer, a leading provider of information software based in The Netherlands, talks with host Robert Reiss about the transformation of the business from being a print media publisher to a digital technology specialist, primarily serving the medical care and financial accounting industries, worldwide. In the interview, McKinstry defines the fundamental forces that drove the transformation, and how those changed the revenue sources and shaped the workforce within the company. Speaking about one of those forces, McKinstry says, “… technology is changing the industry and each of those changes is providing us with new opportunities”.

McKinstry discusses at length the benefits that information software is delivering to medical care providers including improvements of outcomes, reductions in costs, and increases in productivity. These benefits result from the use of “clinical decision support” products supplied by Wolters Kluwer. Describing two of its benefits, McKinstry remarks, “what used to take a lot of the doctor’s time now takes so much a shorter amount of time and, very importantly, there are fewer errors!”

Also addressed in the McKinstry interview are the changes that are occurring in the financial accounting industry and the move to software serving international markets. These products focus on the needs in the financial accounting industry pertaining to increasingly complex laws, rules and regulations, and tax codes by helping business to comply, driven by the world economic crisis and the consequent rise of global regulation.

McKinstry is named in 2010 Fortune’s Global 50 Most Powerful Women in Business, a distinction she has held for several years running. Wolters Kluwer, lead by CEO Nancy McKinstry, employs approximately 19,000 employees and has offices in 45 countries globally.

Interview Aired: 08/07/2011