The future of advertising

David Sable, CEO of Young & Rubicam, addresses the future of advertising, revealing how he motivates his team, positioned in over 180 countries worldwide: leading by example, being the first to do things, and bringing fresh talent into the agency that puts them at the forefront of how to use technology. Sable talks about his path to becoming CEO and the complexities of working with clients in a rapidly evolving advertising environment.

Sable also explains to Robert Reiss, host of the CEO Show, how new ideas are built and the requisites for innovation, as reflected in his advice, “Resist the usual … don’t just go with whatever one else is doing.” He proceeds from there to say more on the subject.

In addition to being the CEO of Young & Rubicam, Sable is also a frequent speaker on digital media whose views are featured in The Wall Street Journal, Advertising Age, ADWEEK, Campaign, Horizont, NEO; and his own blog, Weekly Ramble.

This interview was co-hosted with Dennis Troyanos, founder of The Troyanos Group, a New York based executive recruiting and management consulting firm.

Interview Aired: 06/26/2011