The role of the social sector in the economy – carrying on Drucker’s legacy

In this interview, Frances Hesselbein, longtime CEO of The Girl Scouts of America, talks about the engagement of all three sectors of society in solving the problems we face and about her greatest concern, “the state of public education in our country” and its impact on our democracy. Hesselbein discusses how in addressing such needs, we need goals that belong to everyone, not just to CEO’s”, and by extension not to just government leaders either: And she tells Reiss of her view that we must find partners in all sectors of our society, including corporations, if we are to succeed. Hesselbein also provides a number of her personal rememberances about Peter Drucker, the inspiration for the Peter Drucker Institute, the forerunner of the Leader to Leader Institute, that she now heads.

[ In this interview with Frances Hesselbein, we discuss Peter Drucker’s original concept when he hired Hesselbein as CEO, the role of the social sector in our economy and great wit on life from the venerable Frances Hesselbein. ]

Interview Aired: 02/28/2010